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Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK on 25 July 1980, Indy Sagu is the youngest of three children. His parents are originally from Punjab in India and emigrated to London in the mid-1960s before settling in Leeds and then Bradford. Indy grew up surrounded by music, both his father and grandfather were musically talented, his father even played the dholki in a band.

With some help from his father, Indy learnt to play the dholki, tabla, keyboard and drums and began mixing the sounds of Bhangra and Bollywood with western genres like British pop, rock, hip-hop and house. Such was his passion for music that he formed a band when he was just 10years old! Aged 16 Indy bought his first set of turntables and found a new outlet for his love of all things music, he went on to have his first track produced in a professional studio a year later.

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Indy made his debut on the Asian underground scene and became known nationally as the trend-setting DJ who fused traditional Bhangra sounds to create a fun and unique urbanised street sound. He spent the next four years working in the DJ circuit while continuing to build his skills on the keyboard and in music production.

In 2000 Indy signed with Untouchable Records and began focusing on music production for other artists, as well as featuring on various compilation albums alongside labels like; Warner Bros. Records, Virgin Records and EMI Records. The release of these urban compilation albums helped Indy to establish his place on the music scene as a trailblazing record producer. In his first year with Untouchable Records, Indy was featured in The Face Magazine where he was labelled “The Asian So Solid Crew”.

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Indy released his breakthrough album, ‘The Debut’, in 2001 and was catapulted into the UK Asian music charts. He was nominated for Best Album, Best Newcomer and Best Club DJ at the UK Asian Music Awards (AMAs) and won the UK BBC Best Newcomer Award for his debut album. He also won Best Club DJ under the Untouchable/RDB umbrella. The Debut helped promote Indy as a distinguished artist and record producer worldwide, particularly among the South Asian community.

Indy’s second album, ‘Indystructable’, filled the hole in the music industry for music that combined the traditional sounds of Bhangra with hip-hop music. This style of music has become the trademark of Indy’s sound.

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Success seemed to follow success as Indy featured on the ‘Asian Bet Bazaar’ compilation alongside Virgin and EMI, on ‘Bombay Mix’, released by Sony BMG. He also featured on ‘The Rough Guide to Bhangra’ album with World Music Network. These albums brought together legendary Asian artists and were accredited as playing a major role within the Bhangra music scene, especially within the Asian community, helping to further extend Indy’s fan-base.

Indy parted from Untouchables Records in late 2004 and established himself as an entrepreneur, creating his own independent label, and founding his own publishing company. Under his own label, he launched his third album, ‘Reincarnated’, in 2008, which served to reaffirm his artistic recording and music production talents. This album, as the name suggests, was the multifaceted re-birth of Indy, both personally and as an artist. During the launch of this album, Indy assumed the vital role of record producer and record executive.

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Over the years, Indy has toured internationally, entertaining and performing in front of energised crowds, and has collaborated with a number of renowned Indian and western artists. His international fan-base serves to demonstrate that his music has no boundaries, as it attracts diverse crowds of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.

It is Indy’s firm belief that music can be a powerful tool for influencing and expanding people’s social consciousness, and he therefore uses his music to unshackle himself from his suppression and to reach out to others. Educating and entertaining people through his music is Indy’s personal mission, and he has taken a genuine interest in helping people who have been, and who continue to be, victims of bullying.

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He created a campaign called “Bullying Beatz”. Through this campaign, Indy intends to bring global awareness to the existence of bullying and to the fact that there are support systems in place for anyone who is being bullied. The campaign focuses significantly on empowering others to help reduce and, wherever possible, deter the increasing instances of bullying amongst young adults.

Over the last seven to eight years, Indy has worked in education. Mentoring and teaching within schools in the UK, where he inspires, and is inspired by, students of all ages. He runs a self-developed workshop for schools, councils, youth projects and charities, which focuses on teaching the fundamental foundations of digital music production.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]In pursuit of finding new ventures, Indy is now based in the United Kingdom. He is further establishing himself as a leading business mogul, renowned for leaving an everlasting impression as an innovative and multi-talented artist with a stylish reputation for making bold, eccentric fashion statements. Everywhere he goes, Indy presents his trademark of individuality with his energetic and charismatic personality, all of which transcend into a sound that is quite inexplicable and synonymous with his name.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]