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Digital Music Production Course

Six to eight week workshops, available through term time and half terms breaks.

Digital Music Production Course

The Digital Music Production course (DMP) has been designed to give individuals the opportunity to experience and learn DMP through digital software available. Below is a breakdown of the workshop structure.

Weeks 1-2

The basic laws of Music Production
Sound manipulation/design.
Audio editing.
Basics of how to Compose a song.
How Midi is used.

Weeks 3-4

An introduction to the inbuilt VST (virtual studio instruments) and VST plugins.
Equalization gating compressing and limiting.
Creating beat patterns, advanced beat making.
Instrument recording and different techniques.
Learning how to use the software

Weeks 5-6

Sequencing music.
Principles of layering music with different sounds.
Arrange and compose music from start to finish.
Scaling, Octaves Major and Minor chord structures.

Weeks 7-8

Recording Vocals and different techniques.
Mixing down the compositions, arrangements and tracks.
Work from a blank canvas and create your musical journey.
The creation of an original music piece production composed entirely by you.

The workshops are created for students to be hands-on with the software and hardware tools, it allows them to be independently creative and lets them express their feelings and emotions through sounds, music creation and production. The course allows students to have a free creative mind and create a musical journey that is personal to them.

DMP helps to tap into their creative minds, it is also used as a powerful tool to give the students confidence within themselves and for the life journey ahead, it is another way for them to express their feelings, a blank musical canvas that creates a journey of their thoughts and emotions.

Workshops run for 6- 8 weeks. Available through term time and half terms breaks. Achievement Certificates are awarded for all students that successfully take part and complete the workshop.

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