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  • Leading Asian pioneer of fusion music
  • Creator of the musical niche of fusion British Bhangra


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Urbanised record production infuses traditional Bhangra sounds, musical instruments, and hook lines with western urban sounds.

Finding much success in record producing across many genres of music, particularly in his speciality of Bhangra, hip-hop, house, and UK garage. He spends a lot of time exploring and experimenting with a variety of sounds from various genres of music and drawing on this wide array of genre inspiration.

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Bullying Beatz

a non-profit anti-bullying social enterprise created to raise awareness about bullying through music and the arts

Bullying is sadly becoming increasingly common amongst young people today, and our aim is to make a positive difference to people’s lives by working with local communities, schools, and councils, visiting city centres, malls, businesses, and organisations around the world. We are committed to creating a bully-free environment, raising bullying awareness for people of all ages

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The Digital Music Production course (DMP) has been designed to give individuals the opportunity to experience and learn DMP through digital software available.

The workshops are created for students to be hands-on with the software and hardware tools, it allows them to be independently creative and lets them express their feelings and emotions through sounds, music creation and production. The course allows students to have a free creative mind and create a musical journey that is personal to them.

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